Friday, 10 April 2009

It's here!

Spring, that is. Snow is melting and my irises are now peeking out in my flower beds, but there is still a few weeks to go before it all turns green outside. We'll have to make do with whites and greys for a little while...

In the spirit of Easter, I have sewn a little bunny this week, all by hand. I found out that I am not very good at hand sewing, and I had to redo some of my stitches, but I made it, finally! The complete instructions for this small plush animal and its variations are shown here.

I had made the mushrooms earlier this winter, also from a tutorial found on a blog.

I had a day off from work today for Easter and spent most of it sewing my patchwork bag. It is now almost complete, only the handles are missing. I'll post a picture of the result when I am done.

Happy Easter to all, I am off to a sugar shack party at my parents' house in the country.


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Your little plushies look so sweet together. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.
    Now, I'm curious... please tell me, does a sugar shack party have anything to do with making maple syrup????

  2. Hello,
    How cute the bunny is! And also, the mushrooms!!!!
    Thank you for making it. I'm very happy.

    See you!

  3. Hello Katherine,
    The sugar shack party was a blast! And you are right, it does have to do with making maple syrup. We had a traditional meal of eggs and ham cooked in syrup, served with beans, and later in the afternoon we ate maple toffy on snow. We collected maple sap from the trees and brought it to my uncle's sugar shack to boil it and make syrup. It was a fun day.

  4. Hello Mai,
    I am glad you like my bunny, I really enjoyed making it from your tutorial.