Thursday, 26 May 2011

Giveaway Results

Now that the swirl of Giveaway Day is past, I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to visit my blog  and enter my little giveaway.  With over 350 entries, I call it a success, and I am glad that my fabrics met the tastes of so many. 

I have received really great comments on the topic of nature, and was pleased to read them all.  Some were sweet, others were funny; some brought back memories of childhood and a few were quite fascinating.  I would have liked to answer them, but the task was simply too great and I gave up altogether. 

However, I thought I could share some pictures of what I like about nature, in no specific order.

Flowers started from tiny seeds in the spring

Neat little rows of carrot sprouts

The smell of lilac in my backyard

Wild strawberries growing along our fence

The promise of a new flower

Growing vegetables

The uniqueness of each bloom

A young robin perched on my garden shed

Bugs and wildflowers

A field of wildflowers

A walk in the park

A Wood Duck's reflection

A visiting woodpecker in my yard

I had to look carefully to find this one...

Critters at the park
And now, the reason why you really came to visit today, let's find out who was the lucky winner out of Mr. Random's hat! 

Number 71 is the lucky winner:

Millie said...

We live on a farm, so we see lots of nature, all the time...but I love discovering new things that have found there way onto out land. We now have at least one Buzzard, sometimes three. This Spring my DH spotted a white Hare...very unusual for our temperate climate in Ireland.

Congratulations Millie, I will contact you shortly to get your address!  Thanks again to all who participated, I'll see you around next time.

I will be back tomorrow for Friday in Bloom, and hopefully I can finish a work-in-progress over the weekend and show the result soon.



  1. Congrats to the winner!

    Your pics are gorgeous! I especially love the snail! :)

  2. What an amazing part of this great world you live in! Thanks for taking me there.