Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My Creative Space

I may have totally lost control over the studio lately, but at least the quilt is progressing, though not as readily as I would have hoped.

My blocks are all done now and for some reason I've been avoiding them for the last week, always putting off the crucial step of assembling them together to another day. They are an intimidating bunch...

Meanwhile, I've been pursuing lighter projects, like the little green container in the picture. It is actually an empty can of cashews that I saved just before it jumped in the recycling bin. Though it is made of cardboard, it is sturdy enough to hold small items, and a piece of scrapbook paper glued around was all it needed to be given a bright second life.


  1. I love "tin can" anything.

    Your space is lovely & bright.

  2. good luck with your quilt. the fabrics are lovely. xom.

  3. I like your taste of fabrics! All the best on the quilt making! :)

  4. Lovely fabric and cute little tin - I love saving things like that too. Nic

  5. I've totally lost control over my studio too, but at least we have some sewing going on...I love the fabric you are working with. Great storage container too, there's nothing better than turning a tin can into something beautiful.
    Have a great day,