Monday, 15 June 2009

These have summer written all over

Yes, it may take a long time for summer to really settle here in Quebec, but that's no reason not to be ready when it does come. I planned it ahead a few weeks ago and got myself the cutest handbag from CharmDesign. I fell in love with the japanese inspired fabric and its bright colours, and thought it would match perfectly with my brand new sandals.

There are more things that come to my mind when I think of summer, things that would not sound quite right at other times of the year. I am thinking about Life Savers Popsicles, pastel flowered skirts, walking barefoot in the grass, and reading The Love Letter by Cathleen Schine. I read this book for the first time during summer 1999. I know because I had written the date on the forepage. And I remember that summer quite well. I had a job of making photocopies and answering the phone in a lawyers office right off Parliament Hill in Ottawa. I used to spend most of my evenings browsing the novels section on the upper floor of Chapters. I came across this cute little romance that truly appealed to my 22-year-old girl's mind. I read it in my overheated dorm room and sitting on rocks by the Ottawa River, and on a bench on crowded Sparks Street at lunch time. I felt as stupid and out of place as Johnny back then. Since then, I have reread this book almost every summer and have loved it every single time, even though the ending is no mystery to me anymore, and I feel closer to Helen every year and farther from Johnny. But this is my ultimate summer reading. I have just started it over again this week, and the feeling is back. Yes, summer must finally be here...

Like these? Last weekend I've indulged myself with a fabric shopping spree. I bought just a meter of each of these prints and I love them all. They look so summery with all the flowers and bright colours. Some of these fabrics will soon be on their way to Trashalou and Nicole, my partners in the Sew into summer FQ swap. Which fabric is to go to whom? This will remain a mystery until they receive their parcels, hoping I have made good choices.


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  1. I know which is mine, I know!!! Thank you so much, I love it and have been stroking it and looking at it ever since I got the mail today