Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ma vie en rose... and orange!

I have stayed away from the computer lately and have neglected my writing here. May has been a very busy month around here with all the work outside, getting the yard and the pool cleaned up after the long winter, fixing the patio deck, redoing the roof that has been leaking during spring and has ruined my dining room wall (this is still to be repaired).

Last weekend I attacked the flower beds. That was quite a challenge for the novice gardener that I am. We bought the house last summer and I let the plants invade the beds to see what was growing in there and decide later what to keep. At the end of summer, I realised that most of what had grown in there was rubbish and I took pretty much everything out, keeping only the irises, one hosta, one spirrea and one other plant whose identity I ignore, but whose leaves I adore. That left about 100 square feet of bare beds to fill this summer. So I started some perennials from seeds in the house earlier this spring and bought a few varieties of annuals from the garden center last week. It's only after planting flowers in the beds last weekend that I realised I had subconsciously matched orange dahlias with pink snapdragons.

This colour combination seems to stick with me so far this year. It all started when I bought some gorgeous fabric woven in bright orange, fuschia and light pink. I fell in love with the sunny colours and the amazing texture of this fabric. I had it on my mind for a while, trying to figure out what to make of it, something that would be integrated in my decor and allow me to see and touch it everyday, without being an eyesore to my boyfriend who, although he likes orange, could not make do with such a big splash of pink. All the while, with the fabric on the back of my mind, I could not help but to collect supplies in those two colours, pink and orange, even though I normally am not a big fan of pink myself. The result of that frenzy is that I now have enough orange and pink trims and flosses to last me for the next ten years!

Fortunately for me -- and for my wallet! -- I finally found a use for the gorgeous fabric, thus bringing an end to my overgrowing collection of orange and pink supplies:

My sewing machine was in need of an attractive cover to replace the cheap standard one that came with it. I made it reversible, but I doubt I will ever use the other side, which is rather plain in comparison with the exterior.

Now, since my machine is proudly sitting on my work table, I can have my favorite fabric in view everytime I go work in my studio, and my boyfriend cannot be bothered by the girly colour as this is not his favorite place to hang out. You're more likely to find him in his wood shop, in case you wonder!

Will try to be back soon!


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