Friday, 29 October 2010

Black stitching

I had planned to come back earlier this week, but life got busy and the days were gone before I noticed.  I started to stitch a few weeks ago, and worked on a little project that I can't show you right now because it will be a gift to someone who might read this blog.

I then found this little pattern somewhere on the internet -- but I can't remember where exactly -- and decided to stitch it just for fun, and because I love roosters.  It was the first time that I tried monochromatic cross-stitching and I enjoyed it a lot, plus I like the dramatic effect.

That got me looking over blackwork and I got fascinated with all the intricate designs like this one, or this one.  Now I really want to try some more black stitching and see where it will get me.

As for the rooster, I have yet to decide what to make of it.  Any suggestions?

Enjoy your weekend!  I have a special crafting day scheduled with my big sister on Sunday, can't wait!

Cheers, Sylvie

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