Thursday, 12 August 2010

My Creative Space... Tulip Cups

I haven't done much sewing during my vacations, but I did come up with these little fabric cupcake liners this week and I am working on making a bunch of them. And don't worry, I will not actually put real cupcakes in them.

The thing is, I got this cupcake rack months ago, and since I am not exactly Martha Stewart, chances are that I will not use it in the kitchen more than once or twice a year. So I thought it might look good in my craft room, and be useful to store little knick knacks.

So here they are on the rack, waiting to filled up.

All I really need to do right now is make a few more... 22 to be exact! Wish me luck.

And don't forget to check all the links at Kootoyoo for more creative spaces.



  1. I absolutely love your cake stand. I could find a perfect place for one of those. I scanned down a bit and spotted your crochet, which is my new addiction. How about crocheting some cupcakes for your stand, they could be used as pin cushions.

  2. Sylvie, your cupcake liners are gorgeous and I think the cupcake stand will look great when you've filled it with bits and bobs from your craft room! It's always good to have somewhere to store those little things! Fiona