Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Something New, Something Old

And yes, something blue as well, but nothing borrowed, so don't you go reading into it, I am not getting married. Very happy the way I am, thank you. Although, judging by the lapse of time since I last wrote here, I would have had ample time to get married and go on a honeymoon around the world!

The reality is that summer has taken me by surprise. We've had beautiful weather in my little corner lately and so I spent much more time outside, enjoying every minute of it, than I have spent sitting in front of the computer. It's been very good for me, I've even got a hint of a tan.

While I may not be working much on my sewing projects these days, something big is about to take place in my craft room. I am planning a complete reorganization of my space, a major decluttering, a definite end to the infernal chaos! And I've hired some help: my out-of-school-for-the-summer devoted boyfriend is drawing the plans of what will be my new fabric armoire. I just can't wait to see it built and filled with all my lovely fabrics.

But this is only one part of the plan. My goal is to turn my bland, messy space into an organized, inspiring one. I started working on the blandness problem las weekend with a "something new". This, below, is my ironing board with its horribly boring grey cover.

I've had this board for years and never bothered getting it a nice cover. Enough of it! I splurged on some favorite Nicey Jane fabric and sewed my own cover using this easy tutorial. Et voilà! So much better now. Honey, bring me your shirts, I'll iron them for you!

Now, to the "something old" part. It's just a little thing that I am glad I came across. We went to flea market on Sunday morning, and I have to mention that we're not huge fans, but we like to go once or twice every summer. We don't buy much old stuff, but we do like to add some vintage elements here and there in our home. And so, I just couldn't resist when we met a nice lady selling these old glass electrical insulators.

I simply love them, their shape and beautiful teal color, and the way they catch light. They could make cute paper-weights or book ends, or even some garden decorations like these. I haven't decided, but for now I am content to hold them and admire them.

Must go now. Happy Canada Day to all Canadians out there, I sure will celebrate!


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