Sunday, 11 April 2010

No Sewing Required

Don't get me wrong, I did get some sewing done this weekend, but nothing finished, just ongoing hand quilting on a pair of placemats. However, I finally decided to make this fabric-covered memo board for my soon-to-be made-over studio.

I've had this fabric for a while and wanted to display it because I find it so pretty and soothing. The colors match those I chose for my studio, so turning it into a memo board became the obvious project for it.

I have not yet hung the memo board on the wall, but I'll have it right next to my craft table, so I can look at it while working, and keep in mind what I have ongoing, like these cross-stitched motifs waiting to be used in some new project.

The rooster design is what I find most attractive in this fabric, and so I have deliberately avoided to have ribbon crossing over it!

My new memo board will probably be used a lot to display little knick-knacks that I find inspiring, like this tiny yummy heart. This strawberry fabric is to die for!

Now, back to the (never ending) hand quilting, which I try very hard to find pleasure in doing...

Have a great week!

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