Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Take a leap

Here it is, I have finally decided to take a leap into the bloggers world! I have been reading blogs, mostly craft blogs, for about two years and have found them to be an invaluable source of inspiration and new knowledge.

I would consider myself a crafty person, I have been interested in paper and fabric crafts since my early childhood, although I have never learned any technique properly. I just pick things as I go and give it a try, the way my mother has always done, going from quilting to oil painting to scrapbooking to anything new that would strike her fancy.

Lately I have got myself a sewing machine and have started experimenting with it, getting acquainted with its many possibilities. I am working on a country bag made of a patchwork of assorted check fabrics (from a pattern I found in an old issue of Handmade, vol.22, no.2)

I just seem to have a thing for checks these days (I am currently shopping for the perfect checkered sofa for our living room, too). When I told my mom about my plan for the bag and the fact that I did not have enough different check fabrics, she came up with a bag filled with scraps of exactly the kind of fabrics that I had in mind. Thanks mom!

To this point, I have sewed all sixteen squares separately and will now use a needle and thread to assemble them together by hand

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